ppo-license-test-badge 2We will share some little-known 'secrets'
with you about the California PPO Private Patrol Operator
application & newly-updated
2016-2017 PPO license exam test.

With the theory of 'knowledge is power', you can pass this VERY HARD test!

1. Application 'secrets':

--Don't send in 'letters of experience', 'commendations', or 'training certificates'.
BSIS will only accept experience documented on their 2-page BSIS 'Certificate of Experience'.

--Don't choose a business name for yourself that includes any of the words BSIS will not allow:
for example- 'Bureau', 'Enforcement', 'Task Force', 'Community', and others.

--Check the BSIS webpage 'Verify a PPO License' to determine if someone else in California
is already using the company name that you would like to use. If you choose a name that is
'confusingly similar to an existing licensee', you will get a name-denial letter after you pass your test.
BUT: if you see a name that looks like you want for yourself, click on it-- it may have expired
years ago but is still in their database-- you can probably have it if long expired and not being used.
NOTE: Certain words in any chosen name are not approvable, including
Community, U.S., Federal, United States, State, Bureau, Task Force, and County

--To speed up the process, if you need to use a Qualified Manager immediately, there
are members of www.thePIgroup.com who can step in to become your 'instant QM'.
There are many men and women available, many with foreign languages if needed.

--Don't mail in the application without proof of LiveScan fingerprinting already being done.

--Visit here to get an application for a California Private Patrol operator PPO license:

--Visit here to download a set of 3 LiveScan fingerprint forms:

2. Test preparation 'secrets':

--The reason that most people fail the PPO Private Patrol Operator license
examination test: because of the questions about insurance, employees,
taxes, payroll, reporting, Penal Code, searches, sexual harassment, taxes,
Civil Code, Labor Code, Business & Professions Code, Code of Regulations,
first aid, firearms, CPR, mandatory training, business practices, vehicles,
badges, uniforms, immigration forms, overtime, and much more.

--Use the well-worded GUARANTEED PASS PPO license 11-pound study material package found at www.thePIgroup.com.
Their more than 1500 sample PPO question variants with verified correct answers,
20 Quick Quizzes, practice tests, and many many datasheets with photos or graphics to
help lock the info into your brain, and much more, is the key to passing.
Visit their website, or call them at 818-883-6969.  More than 1500 PPOs have used their help to pass.

More than 1500 PPOs used their help to pass this test, most after failing before getting this package!

--Visit here to learn about sample test questions and GUARANTEED PASS 11-pound study material:
PPO test Read about the PPO POWER PACKAGE!

private patrol operator license examination

--Some test-takers are not really experienced with using a computer.
The Private Patrol Operator license exam test is only available
6 days a week to be taken on computers at the designated test centers
(21 in California, 10 in other states). So, have a friend give you practice help
with using a keyboard and a mouse (especially the mouse's left button!).

--Visit here to review the 21 PPO Private Patrol Operator license CA testing locations:

3. After-passing-test 'secrets':

--Have your COLOR badge & patch drawings ready for BSIS approval.
They will not issue your license without this, even if you will not ever be
using them! Sample outline artwork comes with the study material listed above.

--Be sure not to use any employee without first having Workers' Compensation
insurance coverage. One injury incident could close your PPO business forever.

--Be sure not to have any firearm involved without first having the required
$1,000,000 (one million dollars) insurance coverage. Note: many test-takers
think required firearm insurance is $500,000 and get that test question WRONG.
It is $500,000 bodily injury plus $500,000 property injury, totaling $1,000,000.

--Learn about the newest general
California Private Patrol Operator
PPO liability insurance requirements
in the 11-pound PPO Power Package:


(Read carefully: this section secretly contains information from two Private Patrol Operator license test questions! See which words are underlined.)

We have two badges shown on this webpage
as examples of what
you can NOT use as a PPO Private Patrol Operator in California

PPOs, and the security officers working for a PPO, can NOT wear these 'generic' badges. The badges of a PPO company are required to be of a design approved by BSIS even before the Private Patrol Operator license will be issued, and the badge MUST contain these two items:

--the name of the PPO company

--an employee-identifying number

Then who can legally use these generic badges we see at uniform stores?
Only 'Proprietary Private Security Officers' can.

Note: fill-in-the-blanks artwork and samples for designing your badge & shoulder patches is included with the PPO license test study material listed above, and includes step-by-step information for free computer-design of your PPO badge.

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